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Ellumina Digital Signage Services




The digital display market is rapidly evolving and our Digital Signage masters are ready to help you navigate through it from start to finish. With different levels of customization, we offer everything from content management to design and implementation with our Ellumina Digital Signage services. Our team will work with your business to help you deliver the right message to the right place, at the right time and the right price.

From indoor and outdoor digital displays, video walls, interactive touch panels and QSR menu boards to custom-designed interactive customer experiences, your digital signage will be supported by powerful technology platforms for managing content. Learn more about the services our masters can offer.

Toshiba’s mission is to provide fully managed digital signage and content solutions that help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing an affordable and reliable solution that is customized to your needs ensuring audiences are engaged and business objectives are being met.

Engage Your Customers in a Whole New Way!

From initial consultation and design to content creation and implementation, our team works with each client to build engaging customer experiences that help drive sales, educate, inform or entertain, depending on your objectives. It’s our job to help your customers see you in a whole new light.

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Deliver engaging interactive customer experiences with our line of digital solutions using the latest touch-screen technology. Take users from passive to active by providing appealing self-service experiences. From initial consultation and design to content creation and implementation, our team works with each client to build engaging customer experiences that help drive sales, educate, inform or entertain, depending on your objectives. It’s our job to help your customers see you in a whole new light.



Virtuoso is an impactful, cost-effective solution designed for high-use environments. Inform, educate, entertain or influence in a meaningful way by leveraging new content and existing media—images, videos, individual flash files, documents, websites, audio files, 3D models, public or private APIs, external data sources and more. Deepen user interaction by allowing users to explore content in a unique and engaging fashion. Our content masters work closely with each client to understand their objectives and then collaborate with designers to build an application to achieve those objectives, bundling it with a state-of-the-art, touch-screen display and enclosure.



MoFoto brings brands to life with a more immersive experience. Whether it’s in a retail setting or sports and entertainment venue, customers will be captivated with this unique integration of augmented reality and digital signage. MoFoto layers digital content with the physical environment and a branded kiosk to provide a lifelike, virtual image of customers paired with a favorite sports figure, a celebrity, a company mascot or personality in a real world environment—as if he or she were actually there with them. Expand your brand with increased customer and fan engagement, elevate the in-store experience, provide incentives and gaming interaction. Our digital team will work with you to provide a comprehensive plan from concept development through implementation, ensuring a successful experience that your customers will never forget.


Toshiba offers a wide variety of displays meeting all customer needs and requirements without limitations.

LED Displays:

Outstanding performance with energy-saving technology to deliver stunning content. Low maintenance with long service life of up to 100,000 hours.

LCD Displays:

Unmatched image quality and sharpness with reliability you can count on.

Video Walls:

Seamless canvas in custom sizes and shapes with outstanding image quality and maximum brightness.

Touch Screens & Kiosks:

Available in assorted screen sizes with landscape or portrait orientation and durable stands that can be easily moved or bolted down.



Toshiba’s powerful content management systems give you the tools to easily manage your digital signage content whether on a single display or networked solution.

Experience Manager allows you to create, manage and distribute content to networked digital displays. Comprised of three components – Designer, Content Manager and Player, it provides a centralized solution capable of delivering targeted content by time, location and demographic to ensure delivery across one or many touch points.

  • Designer offers easy-to-use data-driven templates to create custom content. Rich in features, it can easily integrate with third party enterprise systems and offers interactive (touch) capabilities without requiring programming skills.
  • Content Manager makes organizing, scheduling and managing your content simple. Cloud or server-based, it is easily deployed from a central location and offers flexible scheduling options. You can assign event triggers, incorporate real-time adaption, assign permission based access and generate logs and reports.
  • The Player drives content to your screens with reliable smooth sub-pixel delivery. It ensures stable playback of graphics, sound and video files and provides seamless interruption-free updating with real time data insertion such as news and weather.


Experience Manager offers a breadth of capabilities to easily deliver and manage communications at a low monthly cost as well as comprehensive plans that ensure a robust and secure operating system with maximum uptime.



The Ellumina Digital Signage Services team understands that every customer is unique. Our value is content expertise, professional design, worry-free implementation and operation, and a single point of accountability from a trusted technology leader. Our services offering is comprehensive and thorough to provide everything your company needs to implement a successful digital signage solution or network.

Assessment & Site Survey: Our team will meet with stakeholders to determine needs and understand challenges at hand. A site survey takes place to determine key factors in building out your optimal solution including electrical and IT needs, security considerations, building management approval and more.

Solution Design: Using data from the site survey, we build a customized solution that will suit your physical location(s) while ensuring business objectives will be met. Recommendations are made on displays, mounts, location and content management systems.

Content Creation: Understanding your goals, our Content Creation team jumps in and develops custom content that will drive results. Content is always developed based on customer’s branding and is reviewed and approved by clients before going live.

Content Management: Let our team administer content on your behalf, saving you both time and money. We’ll ensure maximum uptime guaranteeing content is displayed as scheduled, perform regular architecture maintenance and troubleshoot as needs arise.

Project Management: From beginning to end, Toshiba’s Ellumina Digital Signage Services team is here to ensure a seamless experience for you. We’ll assist in identifying unique situations to be addressed such as building permits, wall reinforcement, necessary cabling and more. We can manage post implementation projects such as digital signage upgrades and installation of additional units.

Installation & Service: Nationwide installation and service coverage is custom-configured to suit the needs of your business. We can provide service and support to specific locations, regional geographic areas and even manage your entire digital signage operation without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers.

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